Visual Analytcs for complex data

Our Mission Statement

Akai Kaeru LLC, founded in 2016, delivers an innovative interactive multivariate visualization framework to assist users in the understanding of complex phenomena  and help with decision making in the presence of multiple factors or criteria. It embodies a map-like visual rendition of the high-dimensional data space which naturally appeals to a mainstream user’s innate visual literacy, making it easy to learn and use. Backed by a powerful machine learning and data analytics engine, and through a variety of interaction facilities, users can define areas  on the map that indicate parameter values of their interest. This then enables them to make informed decisions within a single visual interface and balance among the diverse impacts the various factors have on the decisions. Given the massive growth in the availability of multivariate data, the unique capabilities the framework provides are bound to have a strong impact on society, in many application domains and at many different levels, personal, business, finance, scientific, medicine, and so on. 

The Founders

Klaus Mueller

Klaus is a co-founder, President and CEO of Akai Kaeru, LLC. He holds a PhD in computer science and is currently on leave from his professorship in the Computer Science Department at Stony Brook University. He has authored more than 180 research papers in visual analytics and related topics which have been cited over 7,500 times. Klaus is a frequent speaker at scientific  conferences around the world.

Eric Papenhausen

Eric is a co-founder and Chief Software Architect at Akai Kaeru, LLC. He holds a Masters Degree and PhD in Computer Science from Stony Brook University (SUNY). Eric has over 5 years of industry experience in Software Engineering at small and large companies alike. He has authored 15 papers in performance optimization and visual analytics with over 50 citations.   

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