Akai Kaeru is a data science company with a special focus on explainable AI. Its core technologies originate in the research lab and have been widely cited for their high scientific innovation and impact. Our product evolves these acclaimed methodologies into a practical solution that is widely applicable in many domains and settings. 

Our software offers a new way to make sense of complex high-dimensional data, combining innovative data visualization with new sophisticated data analytics. Its pioneering platform can uncover hidden data patterns, reliably discover the relations that connect them, and visualize these analytics outcomes in a novel and compelling manner. This affords analysts with a clear understanding of the complex processes that make up the data, which in turn leads to more confident decision making and more accurate predictions in real world applications.


We are presently hiring mainly technical talent. Joining Akai Kaeru will place you into a stimulating environment where research meets practice and your creative mind never goes idle. You will expand your technical skills and at the same time gain new knowledge in advanced data science, visual analytics, machine learning, and AI. You will take part in the exciting enterprise of expanding Akai Kaeru into the leading platform for explainable AI.

Required skill set: 

  • An MS or PhD in a quantitative field (computer science, applied math, etc.)
  • Proficiency in Python
  • Strong background in statistics and data science
  • Knowledge of JavaScript and C/C++ (preferred)
  • Good communication skills and enthusiasm
  • A penchant to work in an agile and self-motivated startup environment


We are located on Long Island, NY with offices in New York City

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